Yoga Asanas: Yoga for Stress Relief

shavasanaRelaxation yoga asanas should be performed at any time when the body ends up tired.
relaxation asanas give the body the rest it so seriously needs.
these asanas particularly prescribed to the individuals who have a spinal/back issue.

These asanas can be performed at any time for any comfortable duration.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose):

Lie flat on the back.
keep your arms ten cm aloof from the body, palms facing upward.
to prevent discomfort put a thin pillow behind the head.
then close your eyes and move your feet slightly apart to a comfortable position.
spine and head ought to be in a straight line.
stop all physical movement and relax the body.
breathing ought to be relaxed. attempt to concentrate on your breath. Breathe in through your nose, at that point open your mouth and breathe out gradually.
Try this a number of times, now close your mouth and inhale through your mouth and exhale slowly through the nose.

You can do this about a minute or two minute between yoga asana practice.

Makarasana (crocodile pose):



Lie flat on the stomach.
raise the head and shoulders and rest the chin in the palm of hands with elbows on the floor.
keep your elbows together for a more articulated curve to the spine. you can separate your elbows marginally to soothe excess weight on the neck.
while doing Makarasana yoga asana the impact is felt at the neck and the lower back. so adjust the position of elbows so that these two points are equally balanced. the perfect position for Makarasana is the point at which the entire spine is similarly relaxed.
now close your eyes the relax the whole body.

Breathing should be rhythmic or practice inhaling. feel your breath, going up the spine and going down the spine.

do this asana for as long as is comfortable for you.

People who are suffering from sciatica slipped disc, and lower back pain problem this asana is very effective for those.

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